May 4, 2016


ABC of ARDUINO” is unique and first of its kind workshop series where participants will be trained at preliminary to intermediate level to make them compatible with the cutting edge technological market. In this hands on mode of workshop participants will be provided with Arduino Project kit comprising of all necessary hardware. All the participants will work with the hardware interfaced with PC / LAPTOP during the workshop itself to get a feel of how it works. Preliminary to intermediate level of coding / interfacing will be taught in practical interactive learning mode by experts in the field.

Workshop Content

Day 1:

Basics of Arduino

  1. What is Arduino?
  2. Why Arduino?
  3. Exploring Arduino
  4. Software and Driver Installation
  5. Learning Arduino IDE Environ
  6. Testing newly purchased Arduino UNO board
  7. Various Arduino Boards

Introduction to various OST Boards

  1. Introduction to various open source boards
  2. Its applications

Arduino Uno interfacing with Scilab

  1. Installing Scilab and driver software’s
  2. Learning XCOS modules
  3. Interfacing Arduino Board
  4. Examples

Day 2: Hands on session

  1. Writing the first code
  2. Bare minimum code
  3. LED Blinking
  4. Serial communication between PC and Arduino
  5. Data input output in Arduino
  6. Concept of Analog and digital conversion
  7. Concept of Digital and Analog conversion
  8. Interfacing L293D motor driver ID
  9. Interfacing DC motor with Arduino
  10. Speed control of DC motor using Arduino