December 7, 2017

Student Corner


We at BBT have realized over the time of association with Engineering colleges that the students are challenged severely with glaring difference between teaching and its application. We thus began a survey by meeting students from different colleges about their challenges and came to a conclusion that a strong Industry-Academia collaboration is an urgent call of the hour.

Hence, we at BBT immediately came up with Training and Internship Program. It comprises of teaching them how to design from scratch focusing on all its important considerations. We straight away incorporated hands-on approach in learning. Students will learn in parallel with putting it use right away.

The best way has been by giving students a simple circuit to start with. Along with its technical details, we teach about how to convert it into a product that can be put into market. We teach them about Product Design concepts. This enables them get ready as a complete package, all set to embark into the Design industry.

We emphasize on Start-Up and Make in India concept. Our teaching methodology is focused on making students self sufficient.

This effort at BBT has opened up a new Endeavour for us where we are looking forward to Industry-Academia collaboration. We will be adding our approach into existing Engineering college working and teaching learning.

The Disciplines of Engineering whose students associate with us directly is Electronics & Communication, Electrical, Electrical & Electronics, Instrumentation & Control, Electronics & Telecommunication and Electronics.




Arduino: Staying updated with the technological growth is a must for budding engineers hence we provide students with workshop on Arduino which a latest buzz in Micro-Controller based system designs. We have carefully designed a workshop curriculum that gives students a basic insight into the world of Micro-Controllers. Arduino provides a base for students to explore more advanced and sophisticated Controllers available. Our workshop series ABC of Arduino for beginners and XYZ of Arduino for advanced users is a big hit amongst students.

Automation: With systems becoming self-reliant and self-functioning, it is mandatory to help students explore the possibility and utilization of Automation. They are guided about the tools available, the use of the same and its application in automating the Engineering designs. Students learn about amalgamation of various disciplines of Engineering. The workshop designed gives students a unique experience of learning newer possibility and concept. We make them familiar with PLC, SCADA and HMI use and implementation. They are trained on Real time applications to get a grip over the concept of automation.

NS2: A network simulator software that forms the basis for studying and analyzing Networks and communication over various Standard communication Protocols. It aids students undertake research in communication domain. The workshop is so designed as to teach students its use and implementation with real time examples.